Portland based design studio, Ament, may be fresh to the scene but their simple & to the point products are ahead of their time. I met designer Aubrey Ament over 5 years ago in the small, college town of Eugene. A high school friend of mine ended up in Oregon for college & I visited her during her studies. During these visits I got to know her friends very well, some of which who were in an all girls band. Aubrey was the cute keyboardist. 

Push forward to 2015 & Aubrey starts her studio up. The locally made products with bold color & shape are the type of products that are simple yet so damn functional. I've been using their daypack & clutch for 2 weeks or so now & am really pleased. I know this sounds like a friend trying to promote their friends brand so that their friends buy their friends stuff, but it's not. I genuinely enjoy the simple sack-like style of this durable canvas backpack & think others would too. 

Aside from the basic aesthetic I personally gravitate towards, the daypack is slender yet holds a lot of shit. 1 flannel, 1 jean jacket, 1 motorcycle visor & wallet+sunglasses+keys+gloves (all in the clutch so I'm not aimlessly digging for 5 minutes to find them) fit comfortably in the bag. The biggest issue I have, especially when riding, is feeling like a ninja turtle when I need to transport things. This pack, when full to the brim, still feels compact & small. The clutch, in it's black simplicity, allows me to keep track of my small, annoying items. Where do you put your chapstick? What about that small motorcycle key that you either loose in a pocket or accidentally leave in the ignition? This clutch keeps it all organized & easy to grab. I can even fit my larger wallet into it too which is very convenient!

Let's be honest though, how much better is something when you know the amount of hard work & love that go into it? I feel great knowing I am using a solid product that came from the creative mind of a good friend. If function & simplicity are what you look for, I recommend you check out their shop!

Photos by Kate Rose